The Mission of Before and After School Child Care

The Mission of Before and After School Child Care is to provide students with:

    An inclusive child care program that's secure and nurturing in a comfortable environment.
    A cultural enriching program that promotes the physical, mental, emotional and social growth of each child.
    A program that meets the highest high quality of kid care standards.

At present there are over 20,000 children being served in in 180 Before and After School Child Care Programs. Programs at elementary faculties, middle schools and facilities are both School Board operated or are operated by a Non-public Provider. The principal, in collaboration with the varsity dad and mom, after care mother and father, and School Advisory Council (SAC), will select the provider.

Your Child will have the opportunity to have a snack, do their homework with assistance and then participate in several scheduled activities. These will include an instructional enhancement, a technology session, inventive play or dramatic arts, outdoor activity to boost health and a free choice. Cease by your child's School to learn more about these enriching and thrilling programs for students


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